Stetson Mansion - Thursday, April 29, 2010
We are thrilled to announce that Magnolia Tree Company will be redesigning and planting the grounds at the Stetson Mansion.  The gardens presently at the mansion were installed about 4 years ago and they have served us well but unfortunately they are very susceptible to the cold weather that we have been getting over the last couple of winters.  Because of this they the gardens remain in a dormant, and quite honestly, a somewhat ugly stage for 5-6 months out of the year.  So we have decided to change the gardens to a more cold friendly landscape and feature some of the most beautiful specimen and estate trees from Magnolia Tree Company.  The trees from this company are considered some of the best Magnolias in the country and they also have an amazing transplantation method of mature oak trees that give an instant mature garden. Magnolia Tree Company has been featured in O magazine, Southern Living and even had their beautiful holiday wreaths featured at the White House!   This partnership with Magnolia Tree Co. will enhance the intrinsic beauty of the mansion while adding yet another layer and element of grandeur. We are hoping to begin the transformation very soon and I will post the photos when we begin.  If you get the opportunity visit and check out them out, I think you will like what you see.  

Stetson Mansion - Thursday, April 29, 2010
The Stetson Mansion hosts several events and weddings every year. Although we are an outside venue we offer the unique and spectacular setting of Florida's first luxury estate as your backdrop.  Some people are a little unsure about hosting their wedding or event at an outside venue because of all the extra planning that think may be involved such as arranging for a tent, tables, chairs etc. This is not something that our guests ever have to worry about because we take care of all that for you.  The only decisions you will have to make will be regarding food, florals, linens etc, the same decisions you have to make at any catering facility or indoor venue.  So if your looking for a  romantic, elegant, one of a kind space you found it at the Stetson Mansion!  

Stetson Mansion - Thursday, April 08, 2010
This was one of the coldest winters on record and I have a lot of dead plants to prove it.  Within the past 2 weeks though our grass which goes dormant for a few months every year is coming back greener than ever!  Lots of visitors and even brides have been asking us what kind of grass we have so I thought it might be a good idea to share that info with everyone.  We only install Zoysia grass from Bethel Farms in Arcadia Florida.  This grass is awesome because it is dense, soft to the touch and most importantly drought and insect resistant.  Zoysia grass also is a slower growing grass so you won't have to cut the lawn as much.  There are a few varieties and we have two of them installed at the estate.  The one that we just installed last year in the meditation garden and in front of the schoolhouse is called "Zion" zoyisia and it is shade tolerant as well and has the look of golf course grass.  I could not be happier with the choice to use Zoysia and Bethel Farms and I would highly recommend that any of you in the southern states considering new sod to seriously consider installing this grass and using Bethel Farms as your source..they are awesome!


Stetson Mansion - Monday, April 05, 2010
Here are some tips when your planning that unforgettable wedding day or that party that people talk about for a long, long time.
-What are the rules and capacity limits to the facility you are considering?
-Are rates less expensive for daytime or weeknight events or weddings?
-Does the venue offer any special "package deals" and if so exactly what does that include?  Can you alter the package?
-How many events or weddings does the venue host every year? Do you want a facility that pumps out hundreds of weddings or events every year or do you want a more exclusive and intimate setting?
-Consider the season when booking your outdoors event or wedding?
-Whenever possible hire an event or wedding coordinator.  I promise this will be a luxury that you will not regret. Even if you only hire a coordinator/planner for the day of the event it is a huge burden off your shoulders.  The last thing a bride or groom want to do the day of their wedding is answer 100 questions about every minor little detail.
-Most importantly...HAVE FUN and BE FLEXIBLE!  Wedding and event planning can be stressful at times but try to remember why you are doing all this in the first place and stay focused on that instead, keep things in perspective.

I hope these are helpful and if you ever have any questions regarding your upcoming wedding or event don't hesitate to ask us..regardless if you are booked with us or not.