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Cash Only, at the door!!

All tours involve walking and steps. There is no elevator.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                             { NOTE: The tours below are not offered between Oct 1 - Jan 31
See our "Christmas Tours" page for "Christmas Spectacular" tour times and prices.
 July 18-29, when we hold the 2nd Annual  Quilt Showcase Tour}



Detailed  Tour Overview:

The Stetson Mansion is not a  museum. It is a private residence. 

 It is not a Stetson museum or dedicated to the Victorian Era.

We do however celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Stetson Company  with additional Stetson details. 

Knowledgeable and friendly tour guides will lead visitors through the first and second floors of the recent magnificently embellished  and appointed rooms, hallways and niches of the mansion.  The Mansion is not filled  antiques or crammed with Stetson artifacts (they perished a long time ago), rather it is a blend of the ages.  Guides will share an intimate history of the Mansion, the Stetsons and the new owners who saved it. Guests will see the country's most beautiful and elaborate inlaid parquet floors and antique windows with over 10,000 panes of glass.  This is an all access tour and nothing is marked "private" so the tour includes the private owners quarters as well! Visitors will also view the original schoolhouse,  which has been  converted into a beautiful Zen guest house featuring the original soaring Polynesian ceiling. The Grand Tour includes the third floor where guests will see 4  decorated bedrooms and bathrooms, a  second living and dinning area,  and the  tower balcony in the tower. The  Group Introductory Tour does not include any of the bedrooms in the main house.

Guests will learn about famed hat maker John B Stetson and the many famous visitors that he hosted at the estate. You will hear about the extensive two year restoration and rebirth of this national historic treasure and about the two men whose passion and dreams enrolled hundreds of manufacturers and artists to make it all happen.

"Stetson by Night" tours will encompass all of the features the day tours include but visitors will also be treated to the complete illumination of the mansion, inside and out. This tour truly is a magical and romantic experience.These are offered during the holidays or by large group request.

{The Mansion's first and second floors and the guest house is beautifully decorated for the "Christmas Spectacular!"  Nov 15 - Jan 15. See the Channel 13 videos on our Christmas  page for a look at the previous years. This year will be totally different! Please go the Christmas Page for further Info.} 

 Tour A)         Standard Tour    Approximately  One hour fifteen minutes

  Adults  $20+tax Adults  ($21.30),

Children  and students to age 22 $15+tax ($15.98)

 Tour includes first floor, second floor and school house/Zen guest cottage.


  Tour B)            Grand Tour  Approximately One hour 40 minutes

  Adults  $30+tax  ($31.95) 

 Children and students to age 22 $15+tax  ($15.98)

  All three floors and the Zen guest house 

 The Grand tour will include the 3rd floor to see 3 beautiful and  unusual designer bedrooms, the mother in law suite, 4 more brilliant bathrooms,  the balcony views and hear more history and stories. For the Stetson  Company's  150th anniversary there are more  Stetson Co stories and items on display. Ask to see the most expensive hat the company sells, diamonds and all!


Tour C)       Group Introductory Tour   Approximately 45 Minutes

$15+tax  ($15.98) 

For school groups, church groups or other organizations  of at least 20 that might have  time constraints. The guided tour includes  the first floor and the School House.

All tours involve walking and steps. There is no elevator.

Tour Information 

Tickets are booked on line and paid for  at the door with CASH ONLY.

Note: Please be advised that no  photography or video  is allowed inside the mansion. For the safety of fragile decorative items on display, which can be bumped into, we  kindly request no large pocketbooks or large camera bags inside  the mansion. Stairs are involved so please no high heels!



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Groups of 20 or more can schedule a tour for almost any day or time of their choosing if available, a deposit is required. This provides wonderful flexibility for your club, organization or reunion.See group deposit policy below.

Group Discounts: 1 free with every 15 paid


 Deposit Policy for Non Holiday Tour Reservations:

No deposit required for reservations up to 7 guests.

Groups of 8 to 25 will be required to send  a $100 deposit or full payment at time of booking.

Groups of 26 or more will be required to send a $200 deposit or full payment at time of booking.

Groups who arrange a tour less than 14 days will  be required to prepay the full amount.

Deposit is due within 7 days in order to hold reservation. Checks or cash. No credit cards.

 10 days in advance of tour date or greater all groups and bus companies must confirm reservation and submit final guest count. Payment for that total will be required.   Last minute additions will be allowed only if space permits.

Cancellations must be made 72 hours in advance for a refund. However, the original minimum reservation  deposit fee will not be refunded unless cancellation is made 10 days in advance.

We do not accept credit cards.

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