Stetson Kindred Society awards first Honorary Membership to Stetson Mansion owners.

Today for the first time in 400 years two men were voted in as  "Honorary Stetsons." 

Stetson Kindred Society of America Inc. Archives Administrator Bev Colton called the owners of the Stetson Mansion, near Orlando, Fl with the news from the annual Kindred reunion in Massachusetts to say, "It is our great honor and pleasure to bestow this first honorary membership on Michael Solari and JT Thompson with our appreciation for their outstanding work restoring the John B. Stetson Estate and it's reputation  as well as their sincere passion to share the very positive legacy of JB Stetson and the Stetson name."

Mrs Colton also stated, "This special circumstance was addressed with great consideration and required the by laws of the Kindred to be changed in order to honor these two very special gentleman who have worked so tirelessly on the Stetson Mansion for the past 11 years that Tripadvisor has named it  "Florida's Most Popular Attraction " and "Top 10 Things To Do In Florida." 

The Stetson Kindred Society of America Inc. are the American descendants of Robert Stetson, originally from Modbury, England who arrived in Plymouth Colony not long after the Pilgrims.