Nov 15th 2019-Jan 15th 2020

"Christmas Spectacular!"

Holiday Home Tour

Group Reservations, 15+

Priority Offered For Groups for the best dates and times Until August 10, 2019

(Sales will Open to the General Public by Sept 2)

Adults $27 pp + tax ($28.75)*
Youth age 1-22 $15 pp + tax ($15.96)*

Tour Approx 75 minutes

Tour Times: 10:30, 1:30, and 5:00 (or 5:30 tbd) daily, excluding Sunday mornings. (104 max)

9:30, 3:15 M-Sat (52 max)


>> Only Groups of 15 or more can request we hold tickets months in advance for the most desireable dates and times with no money down . The General Public can not hold or buy tickets until Sept.

>>1 free additional ticket for every 15 paid. This means every 16th purchased will be refunded. In addition, a complimentary ticket will be given to registered tour bus companies professional escort. All tickets including the free tickets and escort ticket must be requested with the original Request to Hold Tickets Booking Form and must all be purchased between August 1-10. A refund will be posted to your credit card for free tickets and escorts after your final count is locked in at 21 days out. If you do not buy a ticket for your eventually free guests our system will not hold one that we can refund and those guests will not get admitted.

>>Only Groups can cancel any or all unwanted tickets for a full refund up to 21 days before your tour date, unlike all General Public tickets which are non refundable and non exchangeable.

>> A $2 discount on the $3 per ticket processing fee will only be given to groups. The $2 per ticket processing fee, free tickets, as well as the full fee and ticket price for all unwanted tickets declared by email to us in your Final Count 21 days or more in advance of your tour date will be refunded.

Space is limited.

We will be happy to hold a group reservation for you. Consider this similar to booking a theater show. Space is limited. We can accept 75-100 reservations per tour time, subject to availability. (100 if on buses.) Tours will operate at 10:30, 1:30, 3:15 (52 people max) and 5:00 or 5:30 daily (We have not determined the time yet.) To reserve a date for a group of 16 or more simply click the pop up Group Booking form at the bottom of the page. Answer the reservation request questions and click submit. When you fill out the request to hold tickets this far in advance you must indicate the maximum number of guest reservations you wish to "hold" for a group at the time of booking. Additions to your original group booking are not possible since other groups are also requesting space to be held. However, if space is available you can buy extra tickets on our website.

You will purchase the number of tickets you wish to hold online with a credit card between August 1st to 10th or loose the reservation. Undesired tickets can be canceled up to 21 days in advance of your tour date for a full refund. Falling below 15 no longer qualifies for group benefits. If your group has visited in the last two years we can discuss granting an additional week for you to return those unsold tickets for a full refund. You must request the additional time by email no less than 21 days out.

Buses shall arrive at the mansion 30 minutes before tour time in order to have entry priority. Groups in cars need to arrive 25 minutes before tour time.  25 guests enter the mansion with a guide @9 minutes apart. Tours start on time. If your group arrives late it will disrupt the entry sequence and your group might be pushed to go last which could disrupt your timetable. Please plan a restroom visit before arrival at: the Old County Court House/Chess Park on 44 in Downtown DeLand if you are coming from I-95, or Ed Stone Park on 44 if coming from The Villages. A single restroom and a port-o-let and is available but large groups can not be served all at once.

We are located in a quiet neighborhood. Street parking for buses is always available just outside the Mansion gates on the street.
Please note that steps are involved and there are no elevators or ramps. Free parking for cars is available on the estate, on the street or in the neighborhood at the church.

There is no elevator or ramp and steps are involved.

Tipping: We are often asked about tipping. Our guides give wonderful personal service for the 2 hours they spend with your group. The suggested tip amount is $2-$3 per person. Please share this with your group or perhaps add it to your price.

Any questions? Just let us know in the booking form message box or email

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