Tours: February thru September  

Touring The Mansion is truly an Experience

Reservations are Required for all tours. The Mansion is only open a few days a week. Click our Book A Tour box for dates and availability. For full tour information please click our Tours page.

Visit the largest, grandest, and most historic home ever built in Florida before the 20th century. The Stetson brand set the 19th century benchmark for quality. Built in 1886 for famous hat mogul John B. Stetson, the mansion was once the most exciting address in Florida. Having Thomas Edison as a personal friend who installed the power in one of the first homes in the world designed and built with electricity helped. Our lively and knowledgeable tour guides will  entertain visitors through magnificently embellished  and appointed rooms, hallways and niches of the mansion. No room is off limits. Not even the owners suite!  John B. Stetson's legacy will be brought back to life along with the recent story how his beloved winter home has been too. This is not a museum. This is a private occupied residence that has evolved while protecting every original opuent detail. For full tour information please click our Tours page.

Nov 15 -Jan 15 Elaborate and Elegant Designer Decorations 

"Over the top in the best meaning of that expression. The most elegant, elaborate and reverent Christmas display I have ever seen in a home. The layers of detail are impossible to absorb in one visit. I had to go back a second time." - Tripadvisor

Say "I Do" at the Mansion

Where else can you enjoy the privilege of inviting  your guests to your own luxury "Gilded Age" estate on your wedding day? The Stetson Mansion is fully restored, totally updated and fresh while still geared for its original intention; to be the most elegant and exciting place to be invited to in all of Florida. Your exclusive use of the gated Stetson Mansion Estate will provide you and your family and friends a truly intimate and memorable experience. 



Have a Party or Meeting in Style...

Stetson Mansion provides the grandest setting for meetings, celebrations or corporate events. The 2.3 acre estate offers 6 outdoor locations for events up to 200 people. Two indoor locations can accommodate meetings or small events up to 24.

How it all happened...

Two home renovators from South Florida were looking to purchase a little house by the beach in near Daytona. How they ended up discovering and restoring this unknown and forgotten national treasure 20 miles from the ocean is quite a tall tale, but all true. The Stetson Mansion has a lot of firsts to make it the most historic home in Florida. Imagine having Thomas Edison as a friend who can help you design and build one of the first homes in the world with electricity! It helps being one of the richest men in the world so you can build your own power company, ice plant, hotel, university, 300 acre grove and have another pal, Henry Flagler, build a spur of his railroad line directly to your property to deliver all the materials you need. Nevertheless, the story is not all about what happened in the past. The Stetson Mansion has a present and a future. Do not plan a visit here if all you want is a musty museum dedicated to the 19th century.  Our award winning guides weave many details of the original owners, the mansion, the current owners and the mansion's future. You will immediately feel how the mansion is very much alive. See you at the Mansion.


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